The Chicago-based Logos Consulting Group, LLC is focused on providing high-quality program evaluation services which can be readily used by clients.  Logos has conducted evaluation studies guided by the American Evaluation Association standards across a wide range of content areas employing a variety of quantitative and qualitative methodologies.  

We frequently work on projects funded by local, state, or national grants and are quite familiar with granting agencies.  We seek to execute program evaluation designs that meet the needs of both clients and their funders.  Additionally, we provide technical assistance services to organizations to help build their evaluation capacity.  Our goal is to help increase evaluation utilization by our clients and their stakeholders.

​Logos is committed to developing meaningful client relationships by providing high quality, timely, customer-focused services. We pride ourselves in our flexibility to adapt to changing customer needs. We strive to provide customized, context-specific solutions that are cost-effective for our clients.

Please explore our site or contact us for more specific information.