The mission of the Logos Consulting Group, LLC is to assist organizations and individuals in enhancing their evaluation utilization in order to improve programs, policies, and organizations.  Particular foci of the Logos Consulting Group are in the areas of education and science and mathematics programs, assessment, and policies.  Clients and collaborators include:  community non-profit groups, universities, government agencies, school districts, foundations, and private sector companies.

The Logos Consulting Group, which draws its name from the Greek word for reasoned discourse, believes that organizations and programs can improve through the application of systematic research methods to assess program design, implementation, and effectiveness.  More specifically, Logos Consulting Group believes the purpose of program evaluation and applied research is to provide empirical information that is useful to program staff, senior management, program developers, policy makers, funders, and other stakeholders, allowing them to act on the information in appropriate and timely ways. 

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