Our Services
In executing its mission, the Logos Consulting Group conducts the following types of activities for clients:

 Conducts program evaluation and applied research studies

o   employing a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies 
tailored to the questions to be addressed, 

o   involving formative and summative evaluations for both short cycle and 
longer term studies,

o  aligning with the guiding principles of the American Evaluation Association.

 Provides technical assistance for building evaluation capacity

o strategic evaluation planning, including logic modeling, for an entire 
organization or an individual department/unit; for a portfolio of programs 
or an individual program

o instrument and tool development including: interview and/or focus group 
protocols,  surveys, observational rubrics, and/or building systems for 
tracking program outputs

o written and oral dissemination activities including the facilitation of meeting 
to share, discuss, and reflect on evaluation findings

 Delivers strategic consulting services

o designs organizational evaluation structures and provides decision-makers 
with options for organizational resource allocation options to support 
research and evaluation activities

o fosters building organizational evaluation capacity including through proposal review activities 

o assists clients in interfacing with a variety of stakeholders involving program 
evaluation and education issues, including grant writing assistance

o serves as a subcontractor on larger program evaluations, especially where 
additional local capacity or knowledge is warranted 

o aids clients in advocacy efforts especially around STEM education issues

If you or your organization is interested in discussing any of these potential services or how Logos might be able to assist your organization, please contact the Logos Consulting Group at: info@logosevaluation.com.